Why should you be on Quora?

Quora is a relatively old channel, but it is a powerful one, as I explain in this article.

Why should you be on Quora?

Nowadays, marketers can choose between multiple channels to gain traffic and brand awareness. It is getting harder and harder to prioritize which channel to invest in. There will always be a new hot channel to invest in, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the old pot.

Quora has high search engine authority

Quora owns a strong authority for search engines. It is, therefore, no surprise that both Ahrefs and SEMrush, recommend leveraging Quora:

If you need hard data to be convinced.

As of the 17th August 2020, Quora is ranking 577th on Ahref:

Quora enjoys more than 60 millions organic visits per month:

Quora is ranking for more than 65 Millions keywords:

The strong domain authority of Quora makes that even old questions can be found easily. This puts apart Quora from other “real-time social media” like Twitter and Reddit, where old posts get rapidly buried and forgotten. This means that spending time answering questions on Quora is a long term investment.

A powerful organic channel…

Quora can become a powerful organic channel. If you answer relevant questions for your industry, that will help you:

  • Get considerable referral traffic
  • Showcase your thought leadership and build brand awareness.
  • Build your personal brand

… with PPC powerup option

You can furthermore leverage Quora as a traffic source, by investing in PPC. You can promote answers to have them displayed on top. This will help you get more reach and collect upvotes for your answers. After enough time promoting your answer, you should have harvested enough votes to be displayed as the first answer organically.

So PPC can help you increase your organic reach on Quora. Just don’t forget to monitor the organic ranking of your answers to save on the PPC budget. We are working on a miner to do this monitoring for you.

Be aware of one issue when it comes to combining PPC and organic reach on Quora: when you are promoting quora answers and people click on the link in the answer, google analytics (GA) will classify the click as Quora/referral. This makes it hard to differentiate between quora paid & organic clicks.

I recommend you to create two specific reports in GA: to differentiate promoted and unpromoted answers. You can do the filtration based on referral path property.

How we can help

As I showed, Quora can be a powerful organic channel. You can do a lot without paying if you are ready to invest considerable time in it. Your time investment will be split into 2 tasks:

  • Find relevant questions.
  • Write compelling answers to those questions.

We can do the heavy lifting of finding relevant questions for you. QApop will provide you with much metadata about the quora questions like the number of followers and the number of views. This helps you shortlist questions with the biggest potential in terms of traffic generation.

Furthermore, our miner provides the number of upvotes on the top question to estimate how complex it will be for your answer to get ranked on top. Our AI-powered Content draft will help you to write Quora answers within minutes.

If you don’t fill the soul of a copywriter, you can use our Report to fuel your PPC effort. Indeed Quora allows you to target an audience based on which question they visited. Once again the SEO data will be handy to prioritize questions with high potential.

Quora as a data source

Wouldn’t it be great to know what questions your target audience is asking on the Internet?

You could use this info to:

  • Learn more about problems your potential customers are facing.
  • Create content, blog post, video, podcast to answer the most common questions.
  • Reply directly on the biggest Q&A platform and get hundreds of views.

You can find this data on Quora. Even better, you can use our tool to research it faster. QApop demo report

QApop supports 6 languages

Our Quora Reports can now provide you with information about the English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Polish versions of Quora. 😎

If you are interested in more languages, you can ask for it on our roadmap.

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