How FILT Pod leveraged Quora to get 3000 views in a month

The case study describes the beginning of our happy customer on Quora.

How FILT Pod leveraged Quora to get 3000 views in a month

Quora is a great place to find many niche audiences. Their users are highly educated and more likely to be in a management position than the general adult population. It means it’s a great place to be if you are a B2B company. On top of that, people spend 2 times more time on Quora than LinkedIn.

Those stats convinced FILT Pod, a content distribution tool for LinkedIn, to work on their presence on Quora.

They started using Quora in late August, and by October they had reached 3000 monthly views out of a total of 4700 views during the whole period. It helped them to build brand awareness and reach out to users from their niche target audience.

The results, mentioned above, were achieved by answering less than 50 questions.

FILT pod was able to focus its copywriting effort on relevant questions, thanks to QApop.

Moreover, QApop AI-powered content drafts saved a tremendous amount of time. For example, this answer was written within 5 minutes by repurposing this blog post.

In total, they’ve invested 5 hours in Quora marketing:

  • 1 hour building up the strategy with QApop explorer.
  • 4 hours writing answers leveraging the content draft feature.

So, 5 hours of work for 4700 views, that is almost a thousand views per invested hour invested.

The best part is: They still got more than 500 views although they haven’t written any answers in the last 7 days!

How can you get results like this? Follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Check your Quora’s Potential

Before investing in Quora marketing, the first step is to check if it is a relevant marketing channel for you. QApop offers a free quick audit tool to check how much traffic Quora is getting for your keywords.

Here are the results of the quick audit for FILT Pod:

Linkedin content is quite a niche topic with only 800 to 1500 views per month.

The next step is to generate a QApop report with long-tail keywords, like “LinkedIn content” and “LinkedIn content strategy” for Filt pod. This report will provide a list of highly relevant Quora questions to answer. If any of those questions have “Quora traffic,” it will be a worthy investment for you:

Step 2: Start answering questions

If you are new to Quora, you might not want to answer those high target questions yet.

Quora has a karma system to prevent newcomers from spamming the platform with links. If you include a link in your answer, you have a risk of your answer getting collapsed, which will significantly harm your organic reach.

That is why you keep the best question from step 1 in reserve for later if you are new to Quora. First, you need to build up your karma. This will require you to answer 10 to 20 questions.

If you are working with a niche topic, choosing a more generic field to warm up your account is good. Linkedin is a topic getting 100k to 200k views per week on Quora, but it might be a too broad topic in itself.

To narrow down topics, FILT Pod simply ran a QApop report for “Linkedin” and looked at the keyword recommendation:

Those keywords were used to generate a QApop report with generic questions. Then they leveraged the QApop AI-powered content draft to answer 10 of those generic questions and build up some of Quora’s karma.

An interesting side effect of the warm process was to get noticed by some space owners. They got invited to contribute to “Online marketing professionals” Space, which has more than 433 followers. Spaces can be a powerful tool to boost your content distribution and get traction faster on Quora. You can share your answers there, which makes them visible to their followers.

Step 3: Getting traffic from Quora

Once your Quora account is warm-up, you can start the link-building process. You can finally add links to your answers. Links should be included organically to work well.

An easy way to do this is to use QApop Content drafts. Start your answer by “I wrote a blog post on the topic,” and mark your blog post as a footnote reference. Then, you can use recommendations from a content draft to provide a summary of your blog post.

Never write 2 answers with the same link in raw! You should vary the links you are using between your different answers. That is why linking to a specific blog post is better than linking to the root of your website.

Also, do not hesitate to share links to your other answers in your new answers. You can get the link to a specific answer by clicking on the share button below your answer:


Marketing on Quora takes time. There is no “growth hack” that can skyrocket your results. It’s about quality content and consistency.

Is it worth the effort? Absolutely. There are many positive effects you can get from this platform. On top of thousands of views and referral traffic, you will increase your brand awareness on a social platform with more than 300 million users. If your strategy is done right, you will gain benefits over time. Quora has approximately 63% of traffic coming from search engines so that people will explore your answers continuously.

QApop is not a growth hacking software. It offers a set of tools as a shortcut to desired results and helps you leverage Quora as a marketing channel.

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