Quora copywriting rules

Quora has specific copywriting rules. Learn how to write a good answer.

Quora copywriting rules

When it comes to writing answers on Quora, you need to write a relatively long text. Quora is a platform to go deep on topics and show your expertise. It is advised to prepare answers between 300 and 1000 words.

On the other hand, you need to keep the paragraphs relatively short between 1 to 4 lines. It is also advised to use advanced formation like list & bold to put emphasis on what matters in your answers. This will allow the reader to easily skim your answer for relevant elements.

A previous of the first 600 characters of an answer is visible before the reader clicks on the β€œview more” button. Therefore the start of your answer should catch the attention. It is strongly advised to provide a summary of your answer in the first 2 sentences.

Including Picture and video can make your answer stand out, however, it is wise to check other answers before doing so. If all answers already have visuals, it is better to not put visuals in your answer to save time and actually stand out.

In terms of writing habits, you can prepare multiple answers at a time, but never post more than 2 answers within a day. It is better to spread them over time and have some consistency in term of posting frequency

Quora etiquette

Beside those copywriting rules there is a certain etiquette to follow when answering questions on Quora:

First of all, it is wise to check already existing answers before answering to avoid repeating something.

Secondly, you should avoid being pushy at any cost. Quora has strong spam detection systems. If your answer is too sales pushy or gets reported as not answering the question, the question might get collapsed, making it hard to see organically.

Thirdly when you want to include a link in your answer it is good to include them organically in the text. Quora algorithm is boosting questions which encourage to stay on Quora platform, therefore, is a good practice to include external link only in few of your answers and then share a link toward those answers elsewhere:

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Last but not least it is wise to check the answers of the most influential writers in your industry before starting writing. You might identify some rules which are specific to your industry. You can use QApop to identify which topics are relevant for you (see the tag column of the report).

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