How to optimize Quora profile

Your Quora profile is like your business card. You should definitely pay attention to it.

How to optimize Quora profile

Why it matters?

A link to your Quora profile as well as your profile title (named “credential” in Quora vocabulary) will be displayed on every question you answer:

Example Quora profile

Therefore you need to pay particular attention to your profile title aka “Quora credential”.

What to do

Add picture

First of all, if you want to be active on Quora, you need a profile picture. You can simply reuse the picture you are using on LinkedIn.

Add credentials

Quora allows you to add multiple credentials for :

  • Employment that will display your job history (only the last one you enter is visible on the profile).
  • Education which will display your diploma (only your highest diploma will be visible on the profile).
  • The location is relevant only if your business is somehow localized.
  • Space (will be cover later on in this article).
  • Topics.
  • Languages.

By default, only 5 topic credentials will be displayed on your profile (with the option to show more).

You can edit which one to display by clicking on the pencil symbol:

Quora topic settings

However, you cannot edit the display order. The ones displayed on top are the latest you added. So if you want to add more than 5 topics, start by adding the least important one to have the most important one on top.

Our product can help you choose which topic to pick. The column tag of our reports is listing all the topics in which a question was posted. With our report, you can easily identify the most relevant topic to pick for your profile.

Add space

Space is quite a new feature of Quora and so far they do not have a big difference with topics so far. I would recommend entering the same space as your topic. We will update this article if space becomes more relevant.

Add a profile title

This is really important as it will be displayed near all your answers. The title cannot include hyperlink but you can include domain name easy to copy-paste like “”.

Add a profile description

Last but not least you can create some profile description. Only the first 200 characters of your description are visible by default. Optimize those 200 characters wisely. It is a good practice to include a link to your website in those first 200 characters.

The description editor allows you to use bullet points & number lists, however, this fancy formatting won’t be displayed until the profile description is expended. Therefore make sure that your profile description is readable in its compact form.

If you need inspiration

If you need inspiration for your profile it is good to check out the profile of the most viewed writer in your industry.

Once you have an extract from QApop, check out the Tag column to have a list of relevant topics.

When you visit a topic page check out the “Most Viewed Writers”, to the opinion leader in this topic:

Most Viewed Writers

We are considering developing a data-miner to identify opinion leaders.

Let us know if you would be interested 🙂

If you need more inspiration here are some good profile examples:

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