How to become the most viewed Quora writer?

I get a lot of questions on Quora marketing. Is it worth it? How difficult or time-consuming is it? Find answers in this article.

How to become the most viewed Quora writer?

What questions to answer, and what’s the best content marketing strategy on Quora?

Usually, you find answers to those questions from people who haven’t achieved any milestones on Quora yet. That’s why I decided to boost my credibility and become the numero uno writer in my favorite niche - Web Analytics.

So, I started answering questions on the topic and became the top writer a few months later.

list of the most viewed writers on Quora for web analytics

Curious how I did that? I’m sharing my exact strategy below.

There are 2 keys to my success:

  • Focus on high-value Quora questions with QApop
  • Running Quora Ads with the promoted answer format

Focusing on high-value Quora questions

QApop is a wonderful tool to filter out high-value quora questions. Just enter a set of keywords, and QApop will take care of finding relevant questions matching those keywords will all the relevant meta-data. It removes duplicates between your different keywords, which saves a lot of time.

Each report comes in with a pre-made filter for high-value questions:

QApop filter suggestions

If you select this filter, you will see only the question getting recurrent traffic each month.

You can get the most out of your copywriting time by answering those questions.

Each QApop report includes a column “Quora traffic”:

QApop Quora marketing report header

This is an estimate of the monthly number of visits to the questions. If you answer questions where these numbers are high, you will enjoy a steady stream of organic impressions each month. If the value of the column is 0, it means that the questions get between 0 and 50 views per month, so they can still have some small organic potential.

Follow Quora copywriting guidance to get the most out of each answer.

Running Quora Ads

If you want to get results quickly, there is a cheat code: Quora Ads.

we run Quora Ads

Quora is offering an ad format named “promoted answer”. This ad format allows you to use one of your answers as the ad creative. It means that your answers will be displayed in front of many users. This will give you a considerable boost in views count and can easily lead you to become the most viewed writer on a specific topic.

Promoted answer ads have another nice side effect: it helps you harvest upvotes on your answers. So your answer will have a high chance to display organically on top of the question once you stop promoting it. Quora Ads can help you get organic views in the long run.

I recommend you use the topic targeting option if your goal is to become the most viewed writer on a specific topic:

Quora Ads - promoted answers

In terms of cost, Quora ad CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) is between 1 and 3€. So you can easily compute how expensive it would be to become the most viewed writer on any topic:

  • If the top writer has 1000 views per month, 1 to 3€ will be enough
  • If the top writer has 10 000 views per month, you will need 10 to 30€.

Does it mean you need an ad budget to become a top writer? No, if you choose which question to answer wisely by leveraging QApop, you can become the most viewed writer organically.

It is what Localazy achieved: the best writer for Software internalization on Quora

Note that they answered two times fewer questions than the 2nd top writer, and still have more views. This is the power of focusing on high-value questions with QApop.

What are the benefits of becoming the most viewed writer on Quora?

I would like to close this article with some analysis of the benefits of becoming the most viewed writer on a Quora topic.

Becoming the top writer gives you 2 main benefits:

  • Views
  • Social proof

Let’s start by the views counts.

Being the top writer means your answers get several hundred views per month. If your answers include some links to your website, you can expect some recurrent referral traffic from Quora.

Click through rate from Quora is usually low, between 0.5 and 3%, so the “measurable results” of Quora views count are quite limited. Google Analytics is not able to attribute clicks to Quora when the visitors use ad blockers. The visit will be classified as direct traffic. So be aware that Google Analytics tends to underestimate the results of Quora marketing.

All Quora’views will contribute to your brand building. Most people won’t visit your website straight away, but they might recall your brand later.

Thousands of views on Quora will lead to an increase in brand search and organic traffic on your website.

Becoming a top writer is also valuable social proof.

It shows that you have a thought leadership position on a specific topic. This is something that you can leverage for personal branding. Do not hesitate to share this achievement on other social media.

For example, my LinkedIn post on this topic got more than 2000 impressions:

LinkedIn post sharing the success of becoming the best Quora writer

Ps. The post helped me reactivate 5 of my LinkedIn contacts: They saw my post and started a new discussion regarding my consulting services. And, I closed 2 more deals for Quora consulting packages.

When you are selling consulting services, social proof is key to closing deals. Becoming the top author for a Quora topic is an easy way to build trust and authority in your niche.

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