300M+ Unique Visitors
come to Quora every month

Quora is purely established around demand-driven questions and answers. People visit this platform actively looking for solutions.

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80M+ questions are waiting for you to
explore & share your expertise.

Target Global Audience

Quora has a global user base, with the majority of its users coming from the United States, India, and the United Kingdom.

Overall, Quora is a popular platform for B2B marketers looking to reach a global audience interested in a wide range of topics, including marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Quora has a global audience

Lowest CAC for B2B SaaS startups among all social platforms

  • Find your top-niche unique audience on Quora.
  • Run highly efficient and precisely targeted Quora Ads based on research and data.
Unique Quora audience
Quora demography

50% Quora users have a college degree

Quora users are highly educated.

30% have an undergraduate degree, and 20% have a graduate degree.

Quora has great SEO

The strong domain authority of Quora makes it easy for all questions can be ranked.

This puts apart Quora from other social media like Twitter and Reddit, where old posts get rapidly buried and forgotten.

Spending time answering questions on Quora is a long term investment.

Quora traffic sources sources: Similarweb, Quora

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Question mining enabled me to precisely identify the biggest opportunities to present our product in a relevant context, inform and attract new users."

Nikola Kožuljević

Nikola Kožuljević

Marketing Manager, ThreatMark

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Peter Galbavy

Peter Galbavy

E-commerce specialist, Digismoothie

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Aazar Ali Shad

Aazar Ali Shad

Head of Growth at Vitals

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